AMPK Antibodies, when activated in the body, have various beneficial effects. They can stimulate weight loss, decrease inflammation, improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin and improve its overall performance. They play a very important role in balancing energy in the body.

AMPK is present in all living organisms from yeast to human beings. It is present in our brain, liver, fat cells and muscles. Here are just some of the benefits of this substance:

1. Increased Metabolism

AMPK antibodies are present in the hypothalamus. This senses the level of energy production of our body. When energy is low, AMPK is activated in order for the body to be able to do all the processes it needs to accomplish.

2. Produce and Burn Body Sugars

Glucose is a great source of energy for the body. It is very important in order for the brain to function properly. If glucose in the blood drops, hypoglycemia can happen. This can, in turn, pose a great threat to the brain. AMPK promotes glucose production in the liver and promotes glucose uptake in muscles. Hence, it burns the body’s fats in order to get more energy.

3. Cell Renewal

AMPK antibodies promote autophagy. This is a process where cell components are recycled. This promotes quality control by removing damaged components and burning it. Hence, AMPK antibodies provide energy for the cell’s mitochondria.

4. Produce Mitochondria

AMPK can improve mitochondrial activity. It is capable of doing acute and long-term developments in the cell. It can control the production as well as the turnover of mitochondria.

5. Acts as Antioxidant

AMPK antibodies play a crucial role in increase the levels of antioxidants in the body. It is the body’s defense against oxidative stress.

6. Improved Fertility

AMPK helps increase sex hormones and enhance fertility in both male and female organisms. Based on studies, the absence of AMPK antibodies can actually lead to reduced fertility.

AMPK can increase testosterone. It is also known to have a good effect on women with PCOS.

7. Decrease Inflammation

AMPK has anti-inflammatory effects. It inhibits the key activator of inflammation. It should be noted, however, that it has lower effective rate when it comes to chronic inflammation.

8. Improves Diabetes

AMPK improves the body’s insulin sensitivity. Metformin (an AMPK activator) is commonly prescribed by doctors to patients with diabetes.

What happens with reduced AMPK levels in the body?

AMPK is like a traffic enforcer in the body. Without it, there is sure to be some sort of traffic jam that would disrupt the body’s natural processes.

Based on studies, with reduced AMPK, the body can have a wide range of damaging conditions like the following:

a. Increased belly fat

The body will store fat in the belly instead of burning it for added energy.

b. Chronic inflammation

Traffic jams happen when there are blockages in the transportation system. The same thing happens in the body when AMPK level is low. Without AMPK, the body tends to accumulate blockages that, in turn, can cause chronic inflammation.

c. Elevated Blood Sugar

Without AMPK, fat and blood sugar are not properly disposed of. Hence, the accumulation can cause diabetes or elevated levels of blood sugar.

These Are Some Natural AMPK Activators

1. Red Grapes are rich in Resveratrol which is an AMPK activator that can increase energy production and has anti-inflammatory effects.

2. Plants like vegetables, fruit and grains have Quercetin which can increase AMPK in the liver, fat and muscles. It is an antioxidant that helps protect cells in the brain from oxidative stress.

3. Soybeans contain Genistein which provides significant benefits for cardiovascular health and bone strength.

4. Ginseng is known to activate AMPK levels in the body.

5. Turmeric has Curcumin which is beneficial in fighting off cancers, arthritis, gastric ulcers, spine injuries, liver damage, and many more.