What is the AMPK Signaling Pathway?

AMPK is a general term for a natural process in your body, a pathway that can be activated by certain compounds and activity that sends a signal from your mitochondria that they are low on energy. This signaling pathway causes your body to begin to metabolize fat to create the preferred keytone energy of the mitochondria.

It is believed that activating the AMPK Signaling Pathway is an effective way to combat degenerative diseases as well as obesity. AMPK is currently undergoing intensive studies because experts believe that it is the key to the treatment and prevention of age-related health problems and possibly to slow down aging itself.

What is AMPK?

AMPK or adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase is relatively found in all the cells of our body. It is technically our body’s “master switch”. It aids in the regulation of the body and helps it fend off degenerative elements. It also assists the body in regulating glucose and reducing the storage of body fat. It eliminated cellular garbage that accumulates in aging cells and generates new mitochondria. It also induces longevity factors in the body that increases resistance against stress and extends organism life span.

What happens if there is low AMPK in the body?

Well, AMPK serves as a traffic enforcer in the body. It basically moves excess sugar and fat efficiently in order to burn it for energy purposes. AMPK is relatively abundant when we are young. It keeps the metabolic functions of the body intact. This is the reason why people tend to be slimmer and disease-free when young.

As we age, however, the AMPK Signaling Pathway declines. This leads to a dangerous buildup of fat and blood glucose in the body. Thus, low AMPK can actually be lethal to aging people. With reduced levels of AMPK, these conditions may suddenly appear:

  • Increased fat in the belly area
  • Elevated levels of blood sugar
  • Resistance to insulin
  • High triglycerides and cholesterol
  • Chronic inflammation of certain body parts
  • Decrease mitochondria function
  • Increase in the accumulation of abnormal proteins
  • What can boost AMPK levels in the body?

Given the fact that low AMPK levels are related to acquiring disease, it is important to keep AMPK levels high in the body. Never think that it is too late to do something about low levels of AMPK. Researchers believe that there are four ways to boost AMPK levels.

1. Exercise

Doctors always say that we need exercise in order to be healthy. This is true because vigorous exercise helps boost AMPK levels. This involves, however, habitual exercise. One should not expect to boost AMPK levels just by exercising once in a month.

2. Calorie Restriction

It has been discovered that under-eating actually helps increase AMPK activity. This is because cells get a certain sense of requirement to function more efficiently with low levels of calorie.

3. Metformin

This drug is very beneficial when it comes to activating AMPK signals. It helps lower glucose. It should be noted, however, that metformin is only prescribed by physicians to patients with type II diabetes.

4. Botanical Extracts

There is also a natural agent that has been known to increase AMPK signals since time immemorial. These are the Chinese herb called Gynostemma pentaphyllym as well as trans-tiliroside.

Why boost AMPK levels?

When AMPK is abundant in the body, it functions more effectively. Activated AMPK helps in the following:

a. Removal of Excess Fats and Glucose

As stated beforehand, AMPK serves as a traffic enforcer in the body. It effectively shows the fats and glucose where they are supposed to go. Instead of depositing fats in the belly, AMPK helps burn fat.

b. Sustaining Healthy Cells

Cells with activated AMPK are far healthier. This is because old cells with low AMPK levels get clogged by cellular debris. Cells with active AMPK, however, are energized to function and do their duties. Hence, they know to empty their internal garbage and convert it into energy. Increased AMPK activity is equivalent to more efficient cell activity.

An active AMPK Signaling Pathway is critical in warding off degenerative diseases. It can help reverse the body’s decline due to aging and can help increase human longevity.