Everything needs balance to thrive and the same goes for your body. When it comes to proper bodily function, the proper absorption and consumption of energy is important. This is what the AMPK enzyme aims to do.

AMPK is Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase and it is one of the enzymes that are found within cells. It is not a digestive enzyme. It can be found in the brain, the liver, and even the skeletal muscles. It makes sure that your energy stores are well regulated at all times. This means that you absorb energy when needed and expel it quite efficiently when necessary.

One of its main effects is boosting metabolism and this makes it an excellent component in the weight loss process. Not only does it ensure that your diets become more effective but it also sees to it that you get the most out of every ounce of sweat that you break whilst exercising. The catch is that it needs to be activated for it to deliver such effects and what you have here is a manual process.

To activate the AMPK enzyme, what you have to do is introduce your body to intense changes that will wake it up or simply put, knock the socks off of your feet. A great method to try would be to introduce an intense exercise regimen to your daily routine. This will surely awaken your senses, forcing your body to adapt and triggering the activation of the AMPK enzymes in your cells.

Aside from being a metabolic booster, this enzyme can also help treat conditions such as Type-2 diabetes. Recent studies show that it can also help suppress the development and growth of tumors making it a viable base for cancer prevention. Diabetes is normally treated with a chemical substance called Metformin. As it works to regulate the body’s sugar levels, it activates the AMPK enzyme.

As the enzyme is activated, it starts working by boosting metabolism, recharging cells, and reducing the onset of cancer by inhibiting tumor growth. Cancer cells develop by hindering regular cellular activity. In this case, cancer takes over when the cells are unable to manage their energetics properly. With the help of the AMPK enzyme, energy is regulated thus thwarting cancer.

Apart from preventing the onset of cancer, activated AMPK is also considered to be a reliable form of therapy for those with different types of the condition. For example, lung cancer sufferers, even those who are heavy smokers, have been found to recuperate better when their AMPK enzymes were activated. Even if severe mutations have already begun in their cells, the AMPK enzyme is able to improve regeneration reducing the effects and spreading of the disease to other healthy parts of the body.

Another popular type of cancer is colorectal cancer and it can be attributed to millions of cancer-related deaths around the world. There is no effective remedy for this type of condition as it causes a high degree of inflammation over time. As AMPK enzymes fight inflammation, activating the enzymes prove to be a reliable form of treatment against the condition. Although it won’t cure someone right then and there, it can make the disease more manageable.

Different studies have been done and are currently being done on the effects of AMPK on cancer cells. So far, scientists have discovered the benefits that come with the activation of the AMPK enzyme for the cancer patients that they have assessed and are working on furthering their research in the hopes of finding AMPK-based treatments, and potentially a viable preventative component, for this fatal disease.