I think rather than just going into different brands and spouting my opinion on who sells the best AMPK activator supplement. I would rather educate you on what I consider to be the 5 best individual compounds for activating AMPK and talk about their benefits and effects individually.

If you want me to also review different brands of AMPK activators please comment on which ones you are interested in. I get quite a few reaching out and I don’t want to be that guy that is selling product. I do actually take Luz AMPK Activator (not an affiliate link) but if you have any other you think is great I am always open to new options.

Strongest AMPK Activator Ingredients


Berberine I consider to be the essential AMPK activator. It is a bit expensive which I suspect is why a lot of budget companies make ones that dont have this ingredient but I would personally suggest that you take this ingredient alone before you take a AMPK activator that doesn’t have it. It is the basis for a lot of pharmaceutical research because it works.

Activation Method: Reduction of PP2C expression
Improved insulin sensitivity and cell glucose uptake


Resveratrol is another one that you could take alone just for the health benefits but if you have a supplement with a few different ones you can eliminate the need to take 15 different pills. If your goal is weight loss I would say this is probably your first stop and most important ingredient as well as for longevity.

Activation Method: Unkown
Effect: Overall adipocyte (fat cell) decrease

Alpha Lipoic Acid

I think as a stack ALA is awesome. Where all these other ingredients get their effect through chemical process this one works directly on your metabolism. So if berbarine activated you 60% this will come from a completely different angle insuring maximum AMPK activation.

Activation Method: Mimics calorie surplus
Effect: Fasted effect/appetite suppression


Another great ingredient Gynostemma is able to increase your body’s access to stored calories allowing you to function on a higher level mentally while still cutting weight. So again if your looking at AMPK for weight loss this is a key ingredient.

Activation Method: Thr172 phosphorylation by LKB1
Improved glucose (sugar) and lipid (fat) metabolism


I can’t finish up this article without talking about Quercetin, its a great supplement and I wouldn’t ever say don’t take it but personally, When I am looking at this and berberine I think berberine wins out. If you are also looking for an antiviral or anti-inflammatory though you would probably do well finding a supplement with this rather than Berberine or both.

Activation Method: Reduction of PP2C expression
Improved insulin sensitivity


I hope I have given a little better insight into the different methods of AMPK activation and some of the strongest AMPK Activators. I hope that this will help you pick a supplement for yourself and be educated in your decision. I again personally take Luz AMPK Activator (again not an affiliate link) But that’s just the one that makes sense to me you might be happier with something simple like LCR.