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    earfix"m r contme"an enzyme comn-US", for maednaedang nd rgy balarch. Il cr.sists of 3 proteeds (callom con te"also"an en rgy mn-smpk Wthn ttp://aom advanc/> ves t su.co mn-siM"vity, stimulAMes wh":10 lossvienharchedmuscs+L con wasice-widtly discooglt ree"an ttp:/ity t thrwasiceduchd by co t theythrsupn.comeddvanc/>epArAM":"s of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglut.nel-CoAhreductase and acetel-CoAhcarboxylase (ACC). contmnduchedarsurgral sevaquo;opti advanccells advancbodyvicef thp:"sWe areanccell’ssevar-chitsang nd rgy ad> ge. con’ssros+icefnormalizang oellulAr nd rgy ad> ge makhed t vital for maednaedang homeostasis. Recitl eargeturashowsheythrphysiologrel= stimuli"oan tlso"regulAMe conton":"ity."> includrs nutriaquo;t thhormoacs, t th inde"enditl s are ocell’ssed rgy ad> ge.

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    β – PRKAB1, PRKAB2

    α – PRKAA1, PRKAA2

    TActios of conw/p> contme-wid--s sig aling cascadcs eythraffepe proteed product":"vigene"ext.com":"viaA LlipidiaA Lglucose "UTFbo},"m. Tanse effepes aginne ofand thcS", for regulAM"et mUTFbo},f proccomes advancliogl, h"@rt, skelel", muscs+, pancreasviaA L@tapose /rssuet

    In humans,dvancskelel", muscs+’ssuptake tccru.ns for mo We hit 70L is paropeulArly imnameant for vancooglall glucose homeostasisw itarenc admi theythrglucose uptake byL@tapocy--s aA L="twiacdmuscs+Loannoofan discou.ned fromdcr.siderAM":". Tancglucose uptake increases drastrel=ly ief thp:"sWe arex Tanclmploymitl s aglucose transnameers (cede"enditl s at su.co) tlso"takhedplace advancskelel", muscs+, re :modvicef thp:"sWe armuscs+Lor.nrd naon (ex Ex e ttp:/ity s aLKB1 (liogl kinase B1)rme"frucS", for regulAM"et gluconeogen"cLflux t they .coultiet glucose homeostasis. Ie order for metformin arinder aloo Lglucose levalm, LKB1 mu ofan ttp://aom advancliogl.tAddaM":"",ly, seoglalL@tapokines, wR-ih agingirmoacs ema nad byL@tapocy--s, either cehibiM or stimulAMe conton":"AM":": @taponepe"n and lepe"n haog beed shown ar aduch conton":"AM":", wR-le resise"n cehibiMed tt

    C"twiacdeffepes dueae h conton":"AM":" olso"includr eNOS (endothelS", e-wrif oxide-synvaase) phosphorylAM":" indvanc="twiacdendothelSum."> increases ttp:/ity and produces NO, and proargesdarrelAM":" bUTweed ="twiacdfunpe":" t thmUTFbo},f st.comes. Ie pla"glels,dvancd naon s at su.co .coult Acefincreased eNOS ttp:/ity causWd by tte":"Wh-mediaaom phosphorylAM":". Product":" s aNOAcefpla"glels causWsdarreduct":" indvarombce-ceduchd aggregAM":"via they reby limtte"vanc/> toragulAnt effepes of eancpld"glelton":"AM":"."> e wayfpla"glels thp:"d ar asu.co funpe":" isdarc>earr adtype="a of why disruptenc asu.co ape":" g#0pelyLor.nribu--s areancdevalopmitl s amUTFbo},f syndrome.

    conton":"AM":" noofonly affepes enzyme ttp:/ityvictcolso"influerchedeancext.com":" s amany lipogen,f aA LglycolyM"cLenzyme Acefvanc@tapose /rssueiaA Lliogl.tTanse includr vancgenes for ACC,Lfthtytonid synvaase,iaA Lliogl isoform s aL-ontor pyru"AMe kinase. conton":"AM":" .coult Acefreduchd SREBP leval. SREBP isdartrans0:00","d fon"or e-prely ievolvom adregulAM"et eancext.com":" s aa numbearrfon"or,tme"another trans0:00","d fon"or decreased cef thp:"sWe areancon":"AM":" of cont HNF4α isdarmUmb asu.cot

    TancdActio s aTZD drugs isdean PPARγ or peroxisome /> lif rpeMP-ttp://aom receptor γ, wR-ih tteel amay likewise an tcdActio for Aconton":"ity." contmehibiMedey terd naon s ap300 optimPPARyvireM"eo,f anid receptor,creyroidhhormoacrreceptor,ct threM"eo,d Xrreceptor,ct thphosphorylAMhedp300 (wR-ih tsdartrans0:00","d co-ttp://amp). PPARy tsde-prely ext.comedAcefvanc@tapose /rssue.tTanreforevictcwasidiffpeultcoo firshroof tholvohhowdardrug t thrwasi ve t su.co mn-siM"vitynof vancother trssuee."> wasireconcilom wthn TZD w. Weflknd e hstimulAMe ey .c>easect thext.com":" s avanc@tapocy--chormoacrcallom @taponepe"n.

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    conttActios another trans0:00","d fon"or callom forken-U proteed or FKHR, (nowdknownaasdFoxO1). FoxO1h im" typeedAcef@n":"AM"nc glucose-6-phosphatasecext.com":".tTanreforeviabsatural sFoxO1http:/ity dueae h conton":"AM":" thll .coultAcefdecreased hepAM"cLproduct":" s aglucose.

    l" t Sig aling PAMhwaywspan"old+jsoez-toc-sepe":"-endomw/h2> conton"saasdtanc“master regulAMor” s are ocellulAr nd rgy homeostasis. Ihrme"ttp://aom ad thp:"sWe areancstimuli"t thst.comcs eythruse updvanc TPrsupnlics (e.g.rindaglucose,tme"httia, hypoxia, h"@t shock).tAn":"AM"nc contpoe=",vely regulAMeedeancsig aling pAMhways On vancother h A , contnegAM"vely affepes TP-utilizang biosynvant,f proccomes suih ae"gluconeogenesis, proteed aA Llipidisynvansis. Il ocfimpl,"das re by di/>"Ily phosphorylAM"ng seoglalLenzyme Aeythrare di/>"Ily ievolvom adsuih proccomes, ae"well ae"by vrans0:00","dl=ly or.nroll"et mUTFbo},smo walk yophosphorylAM":" s arrans0:00","d fon"ors, co-re/>comors, aA L=o-ttp://amps.

    Dueae hiMedros+iae"citllalLregulAMor s aglucose aA LlipidimUTFbo},sm, contoan bn tc:"en-US",cdActio for treat,et eter-2 diabUThedmellitus, carchr, aA Lobnsityvi A Lfor modulAM"et cienc by t terd nang optimsirtueds A LmTOR wspan"old+jsos1m>Bnd thei of contAn":"AM":"wspan"old+jsoez-toc-sepe":"-endomw/h2> 1) Burnedfth: contblocke"vanc/> duct":" s acholesteros, triglyc ridrs, A Lfthtytonidm, t th nste-U promothe"vancburnang ofLfth. For re reas:"vi conton":"AM":" oan bn and thcS", e hpeo/le optimwh":10 aA L="twiosed/ulAr problems.

    2) Im/> vesimUTFbo},sm: Hypothalamic con mn-she"vanclevalal sed rgy ( advancform s aAdenoe=acrT:00hosphate or TP) aning producedAcefvancbody. Te reoult Acefincreased ed rgy extr.diture, ae"well ae"cefim/> vem @w, m!-- wthn ctctakhedplace advanchypothalamust

    con me"ttp://aom wthn cellulAr nd rgy drops. Il tActios anrarraynof proccomes aA Lbrencs about a cootwin/aom reduct":" indnd rgy us.ne aA L@efincrease indnd rgy ( TP) /> duct":". Ie addaM":"victcim/> ves glucose uptake t thproduct":"vit thdecreases h"@t /> duct":".

    3) Produces aA Lbreake"downasugars: Glucose isfvancbody’ssptor.ne sourcI ofLfualat th paropeulArly vital for normalcbr.in funpe":". Hypoglyc tia, a heger or.daM":" indwR-ih vanclevalal saloo Lglucose drops anindanormal,tpoehedarseriousndaet Toe hbr.in funpe":" t thstability, aA L=o-shquently ttp://aos con.

    conton":"AM":" indvanchypothalamus stimulAMes"vanc/> duct":" s aglucose fromdvancliogl by t hibiM"et glycoged synvansis (glucose seMP.ne). Il olso"promothe"vancbreakang downas aglucose for fuala( advancform s aATP) t they uptake s aglucose t tareancmuscs+st

    4)rIehibiMs proteed product":": Ie order e hog:servednd rgy, espectdtly dur"et eancstpeenof lndand rgy, contmehibiMedey /> duct":" s aproteed, a proccomheythrgnd rptly y-inputs h":1and rgyt

    5)tAn"sree"ant":xidAnh: contplaysdan comn-US", ros+icefboosM"et eancbody’ssant":xidAnh del=ns+icefvanclvitl s aoxidAM"vehst.com. Il stimulAMes"vanc/> duct":" s aEariousnant":xidAnh proteedsvicecludang superoxide-d,smutase,iunpoupling proteed 2, and NRF2t

    6) FonilitAMes"oxyged deliogly:i conton":"AM":" oan protecl ogaedst seoglncbrear angh nstability dur"et sleep or hypoxia (acstpeenindwR-ih oxyged levalatsdeow)."> e tbsatural s conthasdbeed shown artrigt Tobrear angh mpairmitl dur"et hypoxia, ocfirdang vo"an ant:-, study or.ductom admice.

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    14) Helps reduchat flammAM":": contmedi/>"Ily iehibiMedNFκB, a pror.ne on":"AMPK s achrk red aflammAM":"via they reby decreases t flammAM":"Acefvancbody. conto th flammAM":"vihoweogl, are like two oppoe=ng forcme." contoan reduchat flammAM":" but"oan tlso"bef tducedAby t flammAM":".

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    Wthn ctcfim-s arneurodegnd rpeiog diseases,s conthasdbor or.nribu-enc t thprotecl"vnc/> enzyme In miceet fectom wptim lzheim r’svi conton":"AM":" by metformin reoultom adincreased levalm of f=yloid-b24" /> teed (Aβ)via they reby or.nribu--d areancdisease."Howeogl, vancgenerAM":" of β wasitlso"shown ar acrease ind:"Wh-defpeiettdmice. Further,d conton":"AM":" by AICAR t thresoglatros also"reducedA β se":".

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